Information on `Nordic TeX User Group'

The Nordic TeX Users Group (NTUG) is, according to its bylaws, an association devoted to promote the development and use of TeX and related programs, particularly in the Nordic countries.

You can read a short account of its history.


Membership in NTUG is open to everybody, and there is currently no membership fee. To be registered as a member, just use your Internet browser to access and join. If you experience any problems, please send a short note to the chairman Dag Langmyhr (

NTUG is a very informal group. We try to arrange an annual meeting every year, but otherwise the communication is mostly via e-mail and WWW.

Mailing list

The NTUG mailing list is Messages sent to this address will go to all members.
You must be a member of NTUG (see above) before you can send messages to this list.

The Board

The board is elected by the Annual Meeting. Its mail address is

The Annual Meeting

The main event for NTUG is the Annual Meeting which is held in different cities each year, preferably in May. There has been no meeting since 1996, but we hope to arrange one in 2000 or 2001.

Reports are available from the Annual Meetings in Copenhagen 1992, Helsinki 1993, Oslo 1994 and Tartu 1996.

Other Nordic groups

There exist both a Danish and an Icelandic TeX user group with web sites of their own.

The TUG world

NTUG is one of several user groups connected to TUG (the international TeX User Group).
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