History of the `Nordic TeX User Group'

NTUG (the Nordic TeX User Group) was founded in 1988 and its purpose was twofold:
  1. NTUG should promote use of TeX and LaTeX in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden).
  2. It should strive to adapt TeX and LaTeX to the needs of the Nordic languages.


In 1988, TeX was still a tool mostly for documents in the English language. Other languages, for instance the Nordic ones, had severe problems: Most of these problems were solved with the introduction of TeX version 3 and the Cork encoding; NTUG was involved in the development of both.


The prime force behind NTUG was Roswitha Graham who chaired NTUG from the start to 1993. In these years, Jan Michael Rynning contributed significantly as technical advisor. After 1993, Dag Langmyhr has been the chairman.

In should be mentioned that during the first years, the leader of NTUG was automatically a board member of TUG. This practice was abandoned in 1995.


To enable communication and also educate its members, NTUG arranged Nordic conferences in Copenhagen (1992), Helsinki (1993), Oslo (1994), and Tartu (1996). Since then, unfortunately, member interest has been too slack and travel expenses too high to arrange these meetings.

Current status

Currently, NTUG exists as an informal group based on an e-mail list with 92 members registered. There is no membership fee, and the members typically are also members of TUG and participate at TUG and EuroTeX conferences.

More information on NTUG can be found at its home page: //www.ifi.uio.no/~dag/ntug/.

If you know any more about the history of NTUG, please contact Dag Langmyhr.

Last updated 2003/07/21.