(La)TeX adaption to the Nordic Languages

Plain TeX adaption

There exists a package to help people using plain TeX to typeset documents in the Nordic languages:

LaTeX adaption

The standard LaTeX distribution contains the main support needed for typesetting in the Nordic languages: In addition, you will need hyphenation patterns.

Hyphenation patterns

Patterns are known for the following Nordic languages:
dkhyphen.tex, dkcommon.tex and dkspecial.tex created by Frank Jensen (fj@iesd.auc.dk).
created by Kauko Saarinen.
created by Jorgen Pind (jorgen@lexis.hi.is).

These patterns require Iplain, an Icelandic version of plain.

created by Lars Gunnar Thoresen and Dag F. Langmyhr (dag@ifi.uio.no).

There also exists an alternative set of patterns for hyphenating according to the pre-1973 rules; this was created by Ivar Aavatsmark (Ivar.Aavatsmark@nho.hydro.com). If you use these patterns, you should specify \lefthyphenmin=2.

No work has yet been done on hyphenation patterns for the `nynorsk' language.

created by Jan Michael Rynning (jmr@nada.kth.se).

BibTeX adaption

To use BibTeX for documents in a Nordic language, you should use a BibTeX style adapted to that language; if not, you get words like and in the bibliography.

The following BibTeX styles for the Nordic languages are known to me:

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho (gaia@iki.fi) has translated the plain style into Finnish; it is called finplain.bst.

Juha Haataj has created two Finnish bibliography styles:

The four standard styles have been translated into Norwegian and are available as norabbrv, noralpha, norplain and norunsrt. These styles have been extended with fields isbn and issn.

Customize your own BibTeX style

Using the custom-bib program, it is easy to generate your own BibTeX style. The file custom-bib.zip is a ZIP file that contains the program and documentation.
Maintained by Dag Langmyhr.

If you hear of additional information for adapting (La)TeX to the Nordic languages, please let me know.

Last updated 2007/06/05.