How to get TeX and LaTeX on your computer

The main (La)TeX archive

The official repository of all kinds of TeX and LaTeX code is the CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network). Just about everything you need can be found there. You should, however, be reasonably proficient in TeX before attempting to install a TeX system from scratch.


Several user groups have developed their own CD-ROMs containing everything you need to run TeX and LaTeX. These CD-ROMs are usually very cheap, and they are strongly recommended for users who are not yet TeXperts.
TeX Live
is developed by the international TUG in cooperation with the British and French user groups. Its emphasis in on both the UNIX and Windows 95/NT systems. Contact the British user group if you want to buy thic CD.

Commercial suppliers

The following companies sell products of interest to (La)TeX users. (Their WWW pages often contain useful WWW-links as well.)
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